Dating done differently


With a little luck dating might help open us the door to a new relationship.

This dating also hints at how to go through a relationship fostering it and not having it fall apart needlessly.


Our natural desire is to find a soulmate, and live a relationship in love and passion. Our courses are visited by a lot of people in search of a partner. It also often happens that they meet during a course and enjoy a beautiful relationship as a result. In trying to help those who are looking for a mate we decided to prepare special events „Dating done differently“. During the evening we will create pleasant and safe environment for everybody who is looking to meet someone.

Please do not expect an ordinary „get-to-know-you“ dating night when it is all about verbal presentation. We will sensitively guide you throughout the evening, and instead of words we will use subtle non-intimate contact games to get know each other; there will be nothing to worry about.

Do not just hope that the man or woman of your heart will simply appear in your life, go out to meet him or her. The evening with us will give you the opportunity to meet up with amazing men and women who just like you are looking for their soulmates.

Moreover, we will touch on a few skills that help keep long term happiness, affection and passion in relationship. We will peek onto ingredients of a healthy relationship.

If we keep in our „rut“ we often keep getting the same results over and over again. If we wish for a change in our lives, it is ourselves we need to change something with in the first place. To start to act is one of the first steps that bring the change about. Stop waiting for something to happen and come spend a wonderful evening of „Dating done diferently“ with us.

Two of the many references:

Hello Honza and Katka,

I spent a couple of pleasant Dating hours with you two and others on Monday in Karlovka. I would like to thank you for what you do.

Even as I was climbing up the stairs to the rooms where the Dating was taking place, I was thinking of turning away on the spot. Such doubtful thoughts crept into my mind even though I did look forward to the evening so much. I am glad that I have handled my initial insecurity and enjoyed hours of amazing relaxation and joy. Somehow I felt that instead of MEETING Somebody I was going to meet myself in the first place. So many beautiful and gentle women and nice men came together there…and thanks to these lovely emotions that still peresist in me I’d be happy to spend Valentine’s weekend with you. So tentatively, I am signing up. It is possible that I will be signing up as a pair though…we made a preliminary arrangement on Monday with another person.


Good evening,

it was my first dating/meeting event. Until I read about you and your activities on your webpage I wasn’t particularly interested in such evenings. Only now. I drifted through that evening as if in a dream. This kind of meeting other people through physical contact did intrigue me, although at start I did feel a little shyness. Which, however, gradually vanished altogether. It is amazing how the energy between people there worked, all the subtle vibrations, ways to introduce yourself even without words, words in which, and I completely agree here, we often let our ego talk to our harm not profit. It is a great idea, I did not think anyone would ever offer such a way of dating, and always felt sorry for that. Then one day I discovered your website and it was decided for me! From the bottom of my heart – thank you for this evening and wish you all the enthusiasm and energy for your events to come. Iľl be very happy to join you again sometime.

With joy, Filip

PS: thank you for all the contacts – you have thought it all out fantastically.


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